Monday, April 19

The "Social Media Tidal Wave"

After a long but enjoyable semester of retweets, @melanders, and #itec335, one thing is certain: social media can boost return on investment in remarkable, inexpensive ways that weren't even fathomable four summers ago. As this may potentially be my final blog post, I will present a final, multifaceted question:

Will businesses soon surpass social networks' carrying-capacities? Are social media networks destined to become oversaturated with 'advertising' like print media and TV? ... Is social media as a marketing platform sustainable?

I am firm believer in the power and potential of social networks. I also believe, though, that there may come a time in the not-so-distant-future where marketing on social networks like Twitter may not yield such impressive results. The number of businesses actively marketing on Twitter and Facebook increases exponentially each week. What happens when this kind of marketing becomes the textbook standard for every new marketing plan? What happens when marketing in this way is not so new and fresh?

Like all things business, companies must always adapt to changing circumstances. Call me a hater or a cynic but I think that social media's marketing potential is not limitless. As the "Social Media Tidal Wave" picks up speed and grows in height and strength, it may eventually hit the shore and what we know now to be quality, impactful marketing may just become the norm. The bubble may burst on socialnomics.

Thoughts please!


  1. This a great "LAst" Post...i totally agree with you about the power and potential of these social networks and social media..but i have to answer all your questions with a question.can our human interactions be quantified and measured?

  2. Yes and no. Interactions can in the sense that they can be counted, tabulated, analyzed, browsed, etc. And no because there isn't a single person or group that can access them all